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Configuration file overview

batect uses a YAML-based configuration file.

By convention, this file is called batect.yml and is placed in the root of your project (alongside the batect script). You can, however, use a different name or location, and tell batect where to find it with the -f option.

The root of the configuration file is made up of:


The name of your project. Used to label any images built.

If a project name is not provided, the project name is taken from the directory containing the configuration file. For example, if your configuration file is /home/alex/projects/my-cool-app/batect.yml and you do not provide a project name, my-cool-app will be used automatically.


Definitions for each of the containers that make up your various environments.

Detailed reference for containers


Definitions for each of your tasks, the actions you launch through batect.

Detailed reference for tasks


Examples are provided in the reference for containers and tasks.

For further examples and real-world scenarios, take a look at the sample projects.