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Quick start

The batect script is designed to be committed alongside your project, and not installed globally. It will automatically pull down the correct version of batect for your operating system.

  1. Download the latest version of batect from the releases page, and copy it into your project.

    Note that you only need the file named batect - you don't need to download batect.jar.

  2. Make sure it's executable (run chmod +x batect).

  3. Run ./batect --version and if you see some version information, you're good to go!

Note that a JVM (version 8 or above) must be installed to use batect. (This requirement will be removed in a future release.)

batect is compatible with Docker 17.06 and higher.

Now you're ready to configure batect for your project - check out the getting started tutorial, dive into the configuration file reference, or take a look at one of the sample projects.